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Yoga - Thera-YogaTM Therapy - Restorative Yoga - Beginner Hatha Yoga

  • Thera-YogaTM Therapy
    • teaches you how to move safely considering your injury
    • builds up your core stability and confidence
    • helps you breathe in a healthy way
    • calms your mind from stress


  • Restorative Yoga
    • gives you the rest and comfort you need to heal by supporting your body fully
    • excellent for recovery from injury or illness


  • Beginner Hatha Yoga
    • learn basics of postures and  breathing
    • one-on-one attention helps you learn faster

Exercise in general is an important part of healthy living, however during times of illness or injury you may need to stop your activity. 

Yoga differs from exercise in that its principles are based on creating balance, wellbeing and freedom in body, mind and spirit.  It honours you, in whatever state you are, in the present moment, and it asks you to do the same.   

Unlike other forms of exercise, yoga fits you.  You are not required to fit the yoga.  Yoga is an appropriate practice for almost anybody at almost anytime, regardless of age, or condition.

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Special considerations that may benefit from Yoga Therapy:

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