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Live Workshops - Webinars - Physiotherapy - 'Thera-Yoga'TM 

courtesy of suat eman/ freedigitalphotos.net

"I wish to express my appreciation for your caring, expertise therapy.  After recovering from surgery on my wrist, which was the result of an accidental fall, I became aware of injuries on my left side, from my shoulder to my knee.  Your ability to recognize both my physical and mental status, and to deal with my "whole body" wellness in such a knowledgeable and caring manner had me looking forward to each treatment - and the positive results.  Your e-mail follow-up after each treatment reinforced the exercises practiced at each session and were helpful to stay on track between sessions.  The combination of treatments and home therapy you prescribed, encouraged me to work diligently to reach my goals."

-Donna J, Surrey, BC

"Dear Gillian, It was such pleasure to work with you at Hollyhock...I thank you so much for everything your did for our group to help enrich their experience."
-Evelyn Neaman, Tikkun Yoga Centre (Women's Restorative Yoga Retreat, Hollyhock Centre- 2008)

"Wow, did we learn a lot about simple ways to get rid of stress!  Thank you Gillian, you were great, and the CDs are so good to end a day with - Thanks!" - Jenny M.

"Thank-you Gillian!  You have helped me more than anything else has.  I think it is the time you spend - There is openness and space to really discuss my issues." - Mavis R, Surrey

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Live Workshops - Webinars - Physiotherapy - 'Thera-Yoga'TM