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Live Workshops - Webinars - Physiotherapy - 'Thera-Yoga'TM

Archived Webinars
Gillianspeak: Fundamentals of Pain Relief - No Matter What Else You Do
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Gillianspeak: Tips for Hips - The Common Denominator for Back and Knee Pain


Gillianspeak: Let's Banish Chronic pain Before it Starts and Get You Out If You Are Already Stuck

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Live Workshops (On Demand)

The Eye of the Storm: Find Calm in the Midst of the Noise

Learn how to counteract the harmful effects of stress by using the relaxation response. Stay focused and powerful.
Break the Pain Chain: Freedom to Feel Better
Learn about the nervous system and how you can train it to help you decrease pain and move better.
Office Yoga
 Mindful exercises you can do at your desk
Stress Relief: Relax, Restore and Recharge (limit 15 participants)
Fully supported relaxation techniques- enjoy active rest in the middle of the day


Low Back Pain
Degenerative Disc Disease
Disc Herniation
Muscle Strains


courtesy of renjith krishnan/ freedigitalphotos.net


Gillianspeak: Let's Banish Chronic Pain Before It Starts and Get you Out If You Are Already Stuck

Apply these key success concepts to maximize the results you are getting with your current health care professional

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Live Workshops - Webinars - Physiotherapy - 'Thera-Yoga'TM