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1 Jun 13

Take Care of You for Me

At the risk of running myself out of business...

To paraphrase Lao Tzu and apply it to physio - The way to treat an injury is to get it when it is small and even better is to get it before it even exists.

Mechanical Low Back Pain and many other joint aches and pains can be avoided by making small, healthy (and free!) choices everyday.  Posture.  Breathing. Core. Movement. Nutrition. Water.

You may not be able to prevent accidents that cause injury, but the healthier you are at the time of injury, the better and faster you will recover (less physio = less $$/ more time for you).  

 Actually, I dare you to run me out of business.  Make me obsolete by taking care of yourself.  Then I will know I have done my job well. 

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Movement. Breath. Awareness.

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