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27 Jan 13

Core Values
Core Activation, Control, Endurance and Strength (in this order) are very important to overall well-being. A poor core is one of the key features of lower back pain.

You may consider the core muscles as your centre (like the core of the... earth) to include the deep abdominals and pelvic floor.

You can also think of your core as running through your body like a cylinder (like the core of an apple), from your foot to your throat. Some other under-rated (and ususally neglected) core muscles include: tibialis posterior, the hip adductors, psoas, the diaphragm and the deep neck flexors.

Ask me how to incorporate more of these core muscles into your routine.

6:08 pm est 

12 Jan 13

Better Sleep for Better Health
Have you considered enancing the quality of your sleep? Good sleep will help you feel better, reduce pain, recover from injuries, think more clearly and be well.

Here are some tips:
1. Comfort - do not skimp here. Be indulgent. Have ad...equate pillows, blankets to support you fully. Make sure your room is the right temperature for you

2. Darkness - this enhances relaxation, and supports your natural day/night rhythm. Even the light from your bedside clock can interfere with this, so turn it away from you at night. Blackout window coverings will prevent streetlights from streaming in.

3. Small Snack - choose easily digestible foods that contain tryptophan. Some ideas: a banana and milk, crackers and cheese, turkey slices and whole wheat toast

4. Wind-down Routine - invest 15-30 minutes to transition from your busy day to sleepy time by dimming/ turning off lights, choosing a calming activity, listening to relaxing music, taking a warm bath/ shower

5. Keep your feet warm - as your body prepares for sleep, it begins to dilate the blood vessels in your extremities. Activities that encourage vasodilation will also make it easier to fall asleep e.g. warm bath, hot drinks/ toddies, lying down, romantic interludes (ahem!)

8:29 pm est 

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Live Workshops - Webinars  - Physiotherapy - 'Thera-Yoga'TM