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29 Nov 12

Every Adversity Contains a Seed of Equal or Greater Benefit
"Within every adversity lies within it a seed of equal or greater benefit"
- Napoleon Hill

This is one of my favorite success quotes of all time. 

I think particularly of my clients who, for the most part, have an injury or pain that they are dealing with.  Most people see their misfortune as a problem to be 'gotten rid of'.  The ones I admire the most however are the ones who learn something from their challenging experience, apply it to their lives and are better off than they were before their injury, because of it. 

The way I see it is this:  if you are going to be going through a challenge or difficult time, you may as well turn it into an experience that serves you.  Or else, what's the use?

Yes - there is a wide range of injury/ illnesses from minor tweaks to catastrophic events.  Even so, more often than not, the circumstance is not ALL bad.  There is something good or positive to be gleaned from most situations, but you need to intentionally look for it, and expect to find out what it is. 

The finding is for the seekers (paraphrased Jim Rohn).  This means if you don't even bother to search, you will most certainly miss the 'diamond in the rough'.

To resist adversity, without opening yourself up to the opportunity for growth that is waiting for you, is the root of suffering.  It is acceptance of the negative, unpleasant aspects of the circumstance and a denial of the possibility of something good to come of it - How dismal!

No one needs to like hard times, but while you are in them I encourage you to wade through the muck vigorously in search of that tiny seed of benefit waiting for you.  You will find it!
10:55 pm est 

Break the Pain Habits to Start Feeling Better
I was assessing a very painful client today and she kept repeating 3 key pain responses during our session.  These are very common and natural 'pain traits': wincing and reaching her hand up to the painful part, gasping and vocalizing (ouch!) and 'chest - breathing'.  

While these reactions to pain are normal, they also feed into the pain cycle.  That means that these reactions, can actually provide a positive feedbak loop to your pain system!  

Notice that none of these reactions can actually do anything to make the pain go away, or support the body in any way.  So essentially, aside from perhaps communication, these types of pain reactions serve no real purpose in the context of a non-acute situation.  In fact, they can be making things worse!

These reactions become habits that perpetuate the pain-tension-stress cycle.

Our treatment session was spent practicing 'belly (diaphragmatic) breathing' with her hands on her belly, without talking - the breathing was to promote realaxation, the hand placement was to help her learn the pattern and also to keep her hands busy, and the quiet was to minimize the vocalizations and wincing.  

By intentionally shifting these 3 key pain reactions, she was able to start snipping away at the hardwired pain cycle, and she is on her way to feeling better!  It will take patience, and persistence but it is doable.

I encourage you to break your pain habits too.
3:46 am est 

27 Nov 12

Are you in the Top 5 %?
Have you got your goals WRITTEN down and placed somewhere you can see them often? Only about 5% of people do this. Guess who the most successful people are? 

Consider this your first essential step to getting better.
3:16 am est 

23 Nov 12

The Attitude of Gratitude

When you have an injury, it is easy to feel frustrated and discouraged with how your body feels.  With your focus on what is not working right, it can be hard to remember all the things that are working right. 

But imagine if tomorrow, you woke up to find that you lost your ability to walk, or to see?  What if you received news that you had a terminal disease, and only had a few weeks to live? 

Wouldn't you be desperate to have the body you have right now, even with your current aches, pains or problems? 

When I was in the throes of serious vision loss that rendered me blind, it was extremely difficult to appreciate anything.  What got me through that difficult time, was a daily practice I put in place. 

Each morning, when I woke up I scanned my visual field for whatever I could see, and I was grateful for each thing.  My eye condition was degenerative, so there was a good chance that as days passed I would see less and less.  I was also grateful that while it was not comfortable, my condition was neither painful or fatal.  My kids would still have a mom.  It was simply life-changing.  Even on rainy days, when I had to trek to the bus stop, only to miss it by a few seconds, I would be thankful that I had my health and legs that could carry me wherever I wanted to go. 

The key is to appreciate what you've got instead of condemning what you don't.  From this place you can get stronger everyday, despite what happens. 

What condition are you experiencing right now, that you could look at differently, with an attitude of gratitude? 

11:05 pm est 

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